Boarding Procedures

  • Unless purchased in advance, CanJet customers will receive seat assignments at the check-in counter or gate on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Courtesy pre-boarding is provided for passengers traveling with infants or small children, passengers with special needs, and CanJet Select passengers.

Note: As per CAR 602.04, it is a federal offence to consume on board an aircraft alcohol that is not served by the air operator and no air operator shall provide or serve any intoxicating liquor to any person onboard where there are reasonable grounds to believe that the person's faculties are impaired by alcohol or a drug. Additionally, it is an offence as per CAR 602.05 to be in non-compliance with instructions delivered by any crew member.

CanJet will not tolerate unruly passengers or abusive behavior towards a crewmember. Subsequent to this any passenger who is unruly due to intoxication or other will be denied boarding and/or removed from the aircraft. Passengers are required by law to comply with regulation and with crewmember instructions. Passengers failing to adhere or comply with the above noted regulations are subject to punitive action. 

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